Wednesday, July 03, 2013


I feel as if I am no longer capable of having feelings or forming feelings for another man. I already had my doubts of having a successful relationship before my most recent ex boyfriend, but then after him the feelings of doubt came back ten times as hard. Thinking that maybe if i did give it another try, nothing will happen, & i won't get hurt. Sure enough I was extremely wrong and got thrown away as if I was less than nothing. Now i sit here with this disgusting taste in my mouth towards any guy. And I truly know that not all of them are like some of the ones I have dated and been with, but having such terrible experiences and being extremely hurt makes you feel as if you really are alone.


Steph said...

I'm sorry love. It's hard to trust again when you have been screwed over and when that happens its easier to put a wall back up. I hate going through that. It's a sucky feeling. Men can be dirtbags but you are beautiful and you deserve to smile! I probably should take my own advice because right now I'm having guy problems too and I'm pretty torn up.

Yogi Zuna said...

Women have done that to me also through the years, but ya gotta hang in there and try for the best! Yogi Zuna