Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is How i feel.

Things i hate
  1. Pathetic loser boys who cry over stupidd things.
  2. Liers
  3. People who tell you somthing that you are looking forward too but then you find out its not even true.
  4. People who wanna ask you out because all they care about is looks.
  5. When people threaten to report your nexopia because you wont write a specific thing in my number 4 on this list.
  6. People who say they hate you for stupid reasons.
  7. Fucking Teachers who pick favorites.
  8. When parents dont let you do what you want.
  9. When you get in trouble for stupid stuff.
  10. Second Languages.
  11. Perferts.
  12. Perfectionists.
  13. Assholes.
  14. When your friends are mad at you.
  15. When you are pressered to do something and you cant say no.
  16. When my ipods battery is dead.
  17. Waking up early.
  18. When rich people brag about themselves.
  19. When friends say other people are rich but actually they're like not even close to being rich.

  20. When people make fun of your looks.
  21. When someone says somthing they dont mean.

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